Executive Council Chair Fayez Al-Sarraj

Fellow Councillors and Citizens of Arnheim:

When the delegate from Zar spoke before this body, he insinuated that his government's actions towards Arborea had received the explicit of approval of the leadership of the Atlantic Pact.

Now that it has become perfectly clear that that is not the case, I, in my capacity as Chair of this Council, hereby demand that Zar immediately withdraw all of its military forces from Arborea. I would also ask that the international community join me in a moment of prayer:

Almighty Creator of the Universe, we ask you to watch over the people of Arborea, as war ravages their homeland; we ask you to fill the government in Zar with love, instead of hate; and we ask you to grant all of us wisdom so that we may settle international disputes through dialogue instead of violence. Amen.