We accept any nation striving to be Social Liberal.
The alliance is free of charge and elections are with majority.

A bit of stealing from wiki is probably better than me trying to explain.

In general, contemporary social liberals support:
  • An economy consisting mainly of private enterprise, but with government owned or subsidized programs of education, healthcare, child care etc for all citizens.
  • Regulatory bodies over private enterprise in the interests of workers, consumers and fair competition.
  • Free Trade.
  • A basic system of social security.
  • A moderate level of taxation.
  • Enviromental protection laws.
  • Fairly open stances toward immigration an multiculturalism stemming from social liberal tendency to be civic nationalists.
  • A secular and progressive social policy, including support for comprehensive sex education, gay and lesbian rights, universal health care, reproductive rights, abortion, stem cell research, abolition of capital punishment and (sometimes) euthanasia, while supporting gun control.
  • A belief in the existence of victimless crimes (e.g. drug use and prostitution) and many social liberals call for the decriminalization or outright legalization of these practices.
  • Decentralized decision-making.
  • Internationalism.
  • A foreign policy supporting the promotion of democracy, the protection of human rights and where possible, effective multilateralism.
  • As well as human rights, social liberals also support social rights, civil rights and civil liberties.

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