Poll: My favourite super power
X-ray vision
Knowing the nearest future and being able to change it
Being incredibly fast
IQ 250
Thought reading
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Super powers

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RE: Super powers

Among there super powers I will surely choose flying..
flying is my passion ..i love flying..
but by the super powers I want fly without the help of any jet engine.
I want fly myself..
all along the sky among the clouds just like an eagle ..
I is just a impossible dream that every man focus will dream once in their childhood.even I did the same.JajaTongue

01.11.2017 05:22
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Quin Na
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RE: Super powers

Sheep Wrote:
Can I have everything? Tongue No, just kidding, each of those powers is quite cool.

I'd prefer the teleportation [...]

My thoughts to the point Eeks Nice! Daumenhoch

Especially the part on IQ 250 - seems nice first, but it would be horrible..

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01.11.2017 20:47
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RE: Super powers

Teleportation I think would be one of the more useful powers. Being able to instantly travel anywhere you need or want. Plus probably less unintended consequences for the ability. Don't know what inherent trade-offs an ability would require. Similar to increased speed, before perfecting it you could hit a wall; while teleportation you wouldn't go anywhere. But I guess you could end up in a wall.*shrugs*

26.11.2017 15:04
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RE: Super powers

Flying, teleportation, super human speeds and strength... sounds pretty much like... well, like this guy:

I want the spikey hair, too.

28.11.2017 15:40
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