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the economy of Ars-regendi

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the economy of Ars-regendi

how realistic is the economy of ars-regendi? is it affected by the template state (such as american, germany, russia, etc). like germans save more than americans so in a german-template state are people more prone to savings than americans?

Also, are pensioners more likely to spend their money or save it? my pensioners are making 1,200 while living costs are a little over 700. will they be spending that extra or saving it?

also, what would happen if I:

Continuously increased my MS AND IR at the same time? Would this increase my economy or cause a depression?

also, i need to make 100 billion in budget cuts. what are the LEAST important PE areas that I can cut without murdering my economy. i was thinking of reducing education, justice, health, pensions, and welfare. (20 billion a piece).

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14.02.2011 14:06
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RE: the economy of Ars-regendi

All the answers to your question, you will find if you use the forum's search function. Ars Regendi's economic matrix is very realistic and yes it also depends on the template state you have. The game's economic model, tends to favor expansionist (money supply) policy.
14.02.2011 14:09
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RE: the economy of Ars-regendi

If you want to balance the budge the best way is to wait and boost your economy, so that you receive additional income.
Cutting costs in Education, Justice, Health, Administration etc. might be a good way to save money in the short term, however, if you plan to play a longer time you have to think about your society. The main purpose of a gouvernment is to take care of its citizens and the economy is only one aspect of the whole of society.

By the way:
Justice also fights people disagreeing with you current tax policy and makes the streets cleaner which again boosts happyness and productivity.
Education is important for research and education. This creates new jobs and supports automatization.

Just try to think a little bit outside the box and you'll be successfull and also be able to gouvern a rich and wealthy nation Smile

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14.02.2011 14:29
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