What does the "good life" entail? Clearly, at one level, it is about growth, rising incomes for the population as a whole, and correspondingly higher living standards. But "living standards" are not simply a question of dollars and cents. In China, the country's quantum leap in growth has long been associated with a corresponding degradation of the environment.

But there are growth opportunities inherent in this environmental crisis as well. Eliminating the collateral damage associated with environmental degradation can contribute to growth and vastly enhance the life quality of China's citizens. Building a new kind of "green economy" is one of the most effective ways that China can augment the quality of life of everyone, as well as showing how the state's resources can yet again be mobilized for broader public purposes (as opposed to corruption and narrow crony capitalism).

Check out the video to see what panelists Haifeng Huang, Michael Lepech, Tom Miller, and Ying Kong have to say at our recent conference in Shenzhen, China, about these important challenges.