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The Religious Affilliations of US Congressional Members

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The Religious Affilliations of US Congressional Members

BuzzFeed has mapped out the religions of the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives by their districts, according to how they have publicly identified themselves as well as statements their spokespeople have made to BuzzFeed.

There are 31 religions represented in the House, including 26 different sects of Christianity. Catholics make up the largest group with 136 members, followed by Baptists with 66 members, Methodists with 45 members, Anglicans/Episcopalians with 35 members, Presbyterians with 28 members, and Jews with 22 members. There is only one atheist.

The majority of Catholics and Jews are Democrats, and the majority of Anglicans/Episcopalians, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Mormons. and Presbyterians are Republican. Among religions with more than more than five seats, Jews are the most partisan; 21 of the 22 Jews are Democrats. Mormons are the second most partisan; seven of the eight Mormons are Republicans.

Other than states with a single seat, Idaho and Utah are the only states to be represented exclusively by a single religion.

20.08.2013 02:11
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Rising Phoenix

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RE: The Religious Affilliations of US Congressional Members

A problem is that a lot of the Christians are conservatives (reactionaries, more properly) and the moderates are not even properly informed. This happens not only in the U.S.A. but outside of it.

20.08.2013 14:04
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RE: The Religious Affilliations of US Congressional Members

I wouldn't say that most American Christians are reactionaries (that is just what the media feeds) but rather they are apathetic. Surprisingly, it is American Christians who, as a whole, observe fairly well the Separation of Church/State. Yes, there are SMALL ISOLATED groups that are loud but considering that some 50-70% of Americans identify as a Christian (150-200 million people) and many of these are Democratic/Progressive it is not accurate to say that American Christians are conservative nor reactionaries. Just look at Hispanic populations. They are nearly all Catholic and Democrat as well. Nearly all mainstream denominations are Democratic with several actively supporting far-left positions like gay marriage and increased welfare.

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21.08.2013 22:25
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Rising Phoenix

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RE: The Religious Affilliations of US Congressional Members

I did not say 'most', just 'a lot'... Consider this:
  • A lot of religious people support gay marriage, but call it a 'choice'. That is conservativism. They accept homosexual people, but they reject the idea of sexuality as a non-choice.
  • Some people want to remove homosexual marriage laws. This is a reactionary position (a conservative position would be to limit further LGBT progress, not revert it).
  • A requirement to serve in various branches of the U.S.A. armed forces is based on your answer about various religious questions ("do you believe your life has a purpose?" is one of them).
This is the stuff I am talking about. Removing the reactionaries, you still have a lot of religious pervasion and you still have religious moderates not grasping concepts adequately.

21.08.2013 22:40
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