Lord Alexander Wrote:
Losing the privilege granted by the WVP is in no way similar to the ban on traveling to USA, it just mean that these people were required to use the normal procedure instead of the deluxe one.

I've met a lot of people from Iraq who were studying at UT Texas when I was over there half a year ago, so obviously LA is correct and there was no ban like the one Trump enacted before Trump enacted it.

Yes there are restrictions for people coming from certain countries, because they have a higher security risk. That's the same thing in Germany or other countries of the EU. It's completely non-comparable to the severity of Trump's ban, though, and I have to wonder why some people so badly want to see similiaritiers where there clearly are none.

And here's what Frantzman didn't tell you:

1.) The media did cover the whole thing. It took me 30 seconds to find German media sources on Obama's list of countries, and also on their relation to Trump's ban. I doubt that if Germany media covers this, nobody did so in the US.

2.) Obama did not enact a ban, he made people who came from or have visited the said countries get a VISA before entering the US, whereas they were able to enter without one for 90 days before.

3.) At the same time, Republicans tried to enact a much heavier background checks of refugees from Syria and Iraq. However, the vote failed 60 to 55 thanks to Democrats, and Obama had already told everybody he'd Veto the thing should it pass.

In summary, Obama's administration might have been causal for the way the Trump ban played out, but it's not attributable to it.