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The truth about Capitalism: a message to anti-Capitalists

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The truth about Capitalism: a message to anti-Capitalists

A myth has grown up about the U.S. that paints the nineteenth century as the era of the robber baron, of rugged, unrestrained individualism. Heartless monopoly capitalists allegedly exploited the poor, encouraged immigration, and then fleeced the immigrants unmercifully. Wall Street is pictured as conning Main Street, as bleeding the sturdy farmers in the Middle West, who survived despite the widespread distress and misery inflicted on them, but the reality was very different. Immigrants kept and are coming. The early ones may have been fooled, but it is inconceivable that millions will keep trying to come to the United States decade after decade to be exploited. They came because the hopes of those who had preceded them were largely realized. The streets of New York were not paved with gold, but hard work, thrift, and enterprise brought rewards that were not even imaginable in the Old and Third World; the new comers spread from east to west. As they spread, cities sprang up, ever more land was bought into cultivation. The country grew more prosperous and more productive, and the immigrants shared in the prosperity. The charge of heartlessness on the capitalists is belied by the flowering and flowered private charitable activity in the United States in the nineteenth century as well as today, as many of them are maintained. Privately financed schools and colleges; nonprofit private hospitals, orphanages and numerous other institutions have sprung up like weeds. Almost every charitable or public service organization, from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the YMCA, YWCA, the Indian Rights Association, and to the Salvation Army. Voluntary cooperation is no less effective in organizing charitable activity than in organization production for profit. Art museums, opera houses, symphonies, museums, public libraries. What has led to America's successes is not "theft", "exploitation", or abundant natural resources, but rather a limited government whose only purpose was protection freedom, establishing common law, protection, and the maintaining of public works such as roads and schools, and voluntary exchange driven by the invisible hand of Capitalism. The complimentary contemporary society espoused by Democratic socialists and many "conservatives", likewise, has led to its downfall.

15.12.2016 14:46
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RE: The truth about Capitalism: a message to anti-Capitalists

This should go in "real politics"

I'm leaving and probably never coming back, so thanks for the interesting discussions I guess, dunno why im writing this nobody even irl gives a toss about me anyway
16.12.2016 02:32
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RE: The truth about Capitalism: a message to anti-Capitalists

VineFynn Wrote:
This should go in "real politics"

I do not see why; the post praises Free Market Capitalism, an economic system, not a political system.

17.12.2016 01:20
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