Hi guys...

First of all, thanks to everybody... We're really happy to have you guys in our beta test...

All changes and bug fixes can be found in this forum. You can't reply. That's just a little information system for you to find out, what we changes so far. If you think one of your bugs is still occuring, don't hestitate to reply in your thread again. Thanks

That's the update and bug fix list for today:
a) Comparisons
--- see which one is active (only for Premium + VIP)
--- little buttons instead of numbers
b) Ranking
--- place in the rankings
c) Specification
--- Hits
d) Reform +Budget + Issue Bug
--- hopefully without any bugs...
e) PNs
--- removed some bugs

Additionally, we are working on the translations and a tool to provide better assistance with the rules of the game.

My buglist is still quite long, but I'm working on it...