Today the leadership of the Volkerbund alliance committed the greatest atrocity our World Seoul has seen to date, they have launched nuclear warheads for the first time in the modern era.

Three nuclear volleys were launched from Lorestan, Vaterland and Kourion, only Lorestan's missiles were stopped by Mangarzian's SDI system, over 1 million military lives lost.

Amazingly, the alliance with the most troops by far, decided that they must use this weapon of apocalyptic proportions to bring Mangarzian to heel. Yet, we still stand here today, some of us hobbled, shaken, and weary, but we are not defeated!

Tyranny my friends, exists in the dark because the disgusting shadow it casts can be seen to easily in the light..

I will not sit here and say that Volkerbund attacked Mangarzian with no reasoning, no my friends, their reasoning is quite clear! Mangarzian stood primarily as a state with an army big enough to ensure the prosperity of its citizens, and secondarily as a check against the Volkerbund savages.

Of course they shouldn't mind Mangarzian's military potential if their intentions are pure. But no, instead of diverting resources to save as many states of Seoul as possible, they decide to seem to want to spark mutually assured destruction.

In their grand scheme Mangarzian is the first casualty, and far from the primary target!

If they succeed in destroying the Koszian Empire than the Free World will have lost nearly 4 million troops who stand poised to ensure that Seoul has a free and fair future for everyone and every nation.

We have an absolute obligation to our shared history to not let one group of savages decide what our world is going to be.

What will Principala will do, and what ANN will do and what LDSS will do, is harness the evil deeds of the Volkerbund and use it as the bedrock for the foundation of our new endeavor!

On top of your evil we will build goodness from the remains you scattered of it across the planet in the form of nuclear ash.

I am quite sure that the Volkerbund will not atone for their sins, or even accept responsibility as the guilty party. But I know if they are then we can avoid the end times and map out the world to everyone's liking.

I hope Volkerbund is willing to step out of the darkness and do what needs to be done to save Seoul. Come forward if you are not a coward, stay put if you are!