Welcome Thekla
President Boreale takes over child sponsorship

Pauli, 17 September 2007

With its one hundred millionth female resident, Pauli, a member of the Seeker of Truth Alliance (SOT), is defying the trend of Western democracies with predominantly declining populations. Yesterday, President Boreale honoured the youngest Paulian in the capital city of St. Pauli and took over the sponsorship of the honorary citizen. Thekla is the daughter of Scandinavian immigrants who came to St Pauli four years ago. With a population of 100 million, St. Pauli is 15th on the list of the largest states and is growing against the trend both through a high birth rate of 1.55 per cent with a death rate of 0.96 per cent and through 1.78 per cent immigration and only 0.19 emigration.

In his commemorative address, Minister of the Interior Falck emphasises the connection between economic development and prosperity. „It is now necessary to counter the trend in industrial nations towards ageing and the associated pension trap and old-age poverty with better environmental conditions and a focus on health and the associated higher life expectancy“. In a note of greeting from the SOT Greater Zenith Alliance President, the Alliance also congratulated the Paulian honorary citizen. Opposition leader Seeler joined in the congratulations. However, he criticised at the point "It takes too long for immigrants to be integrated linguistically and culturally. We must close our borders immediately and stop immigration," and in this context described Pauli as an international labour and social office and the active immigration policy with the Pauli Permanent Resident Card (PPC) as African bingo.

The spokesperson of the Expert Council on Integration and Migration (SVR), Professor Mützel, immediately tweeted his opposition and drew attention to the fact that the PPC comes with high conditions and that Pauli is massively criticised internationally for this. "Emigration of younger educated citizens is a heavy burden on demography and economy for many states."

Thekla won't care about that today. She slept through the small ceremony and will probably only be able to classify the honorary citizenship medal in a few years and care less about the political aspects.