Not admitting LGBT members until 2005 really is something the CPUSA can be very, very proud of. The German DKP, a party I as a European communist am not particularly fond of, as are most of those who call themselves communist nowadays (the traditional Communist Parties in Europe have either renounced orthodox communism anyway in favor of an orientation toward the radical left and social movements outside of the party as well as postmodern philosophy (take, for example, the Catalan PSUC which now forms, with a few other parties, the ecosocialist ICV), or they are completely marginalized), released a statement in 1985 (!) calling for full gay equality. Also feel free to ignore the full legalization of homosexual intercourse by the GDR in 1988, or Nichi Vendola, Italian communist politician and LGBT activist, who is currently president of the Italian region Apulia, or Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian director and intellectual, who was famously gay and only expelled by the Party in 1950 (!) for having been charged with corruption of minors.

You are judging an entire movement based on statements of a few people in an internet forum who aren't even part of it (or not even European!). You're trolling, right?

edit: Okay, Wikipedia is telling me that the German KPD advocated the legalization of homosexual relations as early as in the 1920s, during the Weimar Republic. It was founded in 1918. And anti-gay legislation has been introduced by Stalin, while there were no laws regarding homosexuality under Lenin.